India has infected millions of Covid More than 25,000 deaths

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India has infected millions of Covid More than 25,000 deaths

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The Indian Ministry of Public Health revealed today that India has surpassed 1 million cases of the Covid-19 virus, while the number of deaths has increased to over 25,000.

The statement states that in the past 24 hours India found an additional 687 deaths from the Covid-19 virus and 34,956 new infections were found, resulting in the death toll increasing to 25,602 and the number of infections increasing to 1,003,832.

However, the number of new infections that are reported today It is the highest daily statistic ever since the outbreak of Covid-19 in India.

The ministry's report states that There were 635,757 people who had been discharged after receiving medical treatment.

The Xinhua News Agency reported that India is currently entering the second phase of downloving measures, but restrictions are still being enforced strictly within the Covid-19 control area. In addition, India will continue to suspend international slotxo commercial flights until 31 A.D. This C.