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How to clean car windows from scratches

Добавлено: 28 ноя 2020, 22:42
Clean the car glass from scratches
Often times we notice scratches on the windows of our private cars, even if we care about them a lot, but these scratches appear continuously and noticeably, and these scratches may confuse the driver or make the vision blurred, especially when the sun shines on the windshield, so it must be eliminated Some of them and cleaning them in the event that they appear on the car, but regular cleaning with a dirt remover and glass polisher does not remove it, but may work to make the matter worse than before. Cleaning car glass from scratches is a process called polishing or polishing, this process makes the glass clean from any scratches, as if it were new.

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Treat small scratches
If the scratch is simple and superficial, you can try one of the following steps: Putting toothpaste, and this method may work for very small scratches, and this is done by: Putting a little toothpaste on a clean cloth for cleaning car glass, and it is preferable to use a type of whitening paste To get the best results. Do the scrub scratching it out. Repeat the previous process if needed. Wipe off the toothpaste with another clean cloth. Make sure the scratch is removed. Ammonia solution, and this is done by: mixing three cups of water with 15 milliliters of ammonia powder. Put a clean cloth in the mixture until it is well wet. Rub the scratch with the cloth in a circular motion. Wipe the scratched area with a clean cloth, and repeat the process if necessary.

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Deal with bigger scratches
Searching for a product that treats large and deep glass scratches, and such products can be found in car cleaning places, or in construction tools stores, and describe the shape and depth of the scratch for the shop owner to obtain the appropriate and effective product. The use of polishing stone with polishing cloth, which is a stone usually used to polish jewelry, and this is done by: Putting the polishing stone on a sponge similar to cloth. Rub the glass with it in circular motions. Try again until the scratch becomes small.

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Wiping the glass using a mixture of ammonia and water, by dipping a clean sponge in the solution and wiping the glass with it. In the event that a person could not remove the scratches by any of the previous methods, he must go to a person who specializes in any car repair garage, so that these people have the appropriate equipment to remove the scratches permanently, or if the situation is difficult, the old glass is completely replaced with a new one.

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