IOS and ANDROID operating system

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IOS and ANDROID operating system

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In the world of communication today, there has been a very advanced development. Especially wireless communication That has developed a higher speed of data transmission Previously, only SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) were being sent. Currently, video calling is possible but requires via Wi-Fi Wi-Fi system. (wireless fidelity) or 3G (Third Generation of Mobile Telephone)

Which for Thailand Mobile devices And portable devices Most of the market already supports high-speed data transmission. And has been popular with many users With most devices available in the market Will have its own operating system Unlike the operating system on a personal computer (PC: Personal Computer), resulting in a way to develop programs. In order to be difficult to use on those devices And more diverse

Operating systems on the said device There are many such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian, webOS, MeeGo and QNX, etc. The operating system characteristics above Most of them are in the category of Non-Original Software (Closed Source) which means Such operating system Can not be studied Modify the operation of the operating system to use as needed. Causing inconvenience in development And the development will be determined by the copyright owner

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IOS and ANDROID operating system

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Which is best between the two depends on your own personal preference. there is very little between the two, although the open source nature of Android offers the opportunity for a more diverse range of apps, if not more in actual number. With the iPhone OS you are restricted to apps and other software that Apple approves, while Android is open to anyone that wants to use the operating system to design an application.
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See first post, if you still have problems please share some screenshot of your code..

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