Chill, Moist Mist, Rain Take to Check in at "Nan"

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Chill, Moist Mist, Rain Take to Check in at "Nan"

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The most natural relaxing Green that looks so juicy. Peaceful atmosphere, "Nan", a tourist province in the rainy season That everyone misses and falls in love with the mist and the rain If looking for tourist attractions during the rainy season Go out to see the green nature. Looking for green fields In the quiet atmosphere And should be released "Nan Province", a tourist province of the northern region of Thailand Considered to be the first province that should bring the body to rest And love the atmosphere of this mountain, sky road, green rice fields The beauty of nature during the rainy season of "Nan Province" that anyone who has to come back again This time the team has compiled a check-in point. That will make you enjoy the rain. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. And chill with the mist that blows through in the morning In the midst of lush greenery, "Nan Nakorn", a tourist province which is not a passing province But is a province that must be intended to visit If talking about Nan province Which season should you travel? If wanting to be cold, come during the cold season. But if wanting to be naturally in the rainy season, come during the rainy season See how the rainy season here. Where should I go to check in? And how much it will be Beginning in the popular tourist district of Nan province, "Pua", a district full of beautiful nature. Green fields that everyone wants to meet. Fully natural Until causing anyone to fall in love with this place

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Re: Chill, Moist Mist, Rain Take to Check in at "Nan"

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